For your first appointment, I recommend a session that will last an hour and a half, so that you can fill out the paperwork and I can take some history in order to get a better understanding of who you are and where you come from. I will also go over logistical matters, such as fees, how to make or cancel an appointment, and confidentiality.

Don’t worry that you may not know what to do once the session actually begins. It’s normal to feel a little anxious in the first few sessions. I have experience setting the tone and getting things started. In fact, the first session might seem like a game of 20 questions. Some questions will be easier to answer than others. I will be aware and cognisant of this. If the problem is too painful to talk about, I will not push you to say more than you’re comfortable sharing until we get to know each other better. It’s OK for you to say that you are not ready to talk about something just yet.

It’s important not to rush this process, which may take more than one session. While guiding you through the process, I will let you set the pace when it comes to telling your story. As you gain trust in me and the process, you may be willing to share things you didn’t feel comfortable sharing at first.

Once you feel comfortable with me, the space and telling your story, the journey of your therapeutic process begins.


It is important for you to know that this therapeutic space is based strongly on the principles of empathy, openness and being non-judgmental. It is important just to be, whatever that may be in that moment.


I am registered with the Board of Health Care Funders, and as such, clients attending individual or couples therapy may be able to claim full or partial reimbursement from their medical aid if these psychological services are included in their benefits. It is recommended that you contact your medical aid in advance to determine what benefits you have available.

It is your responsibility as the client to submit the invoice to your medical aid provider for reimbursement after making payment. Sessions are payable by cash or by card, or EFT on pre-arranged long-term accounts.

Cancellations and changes:

If you need to change or cancel an existing appointment, please phone me at least 24 hours prior to the time of the appointment and kindly leave a voice message if the line is busy. Missed appointments and those not cancelled/moved 24 hours prior will be charged in full and are not covered by medical aid schemes.